Rep. Joyce McDonald appointed ranking member of House State Government, Elections & Information Technology Committee

On Wednesday, House leadership appointed Rep. Joyce McDonald to serve as ranking member of the House State Government, Elections & Information Technology  Committee.

The committee sees a broad array of bills and legislation each year, including issues relating to elections, campaign finance, public disclosure and ethics. Additionally, the committee considers policies that determine state agency rulemaking, information technology systems and security, performance audits and public employment.

McDonald, R-Puyallup, says her priorities while serving on the committee will be to promote policies that protect free and fair elections, improve government efficiency, and increase lawmakers’ accountability to taxpayers.

“Everything we do in Olympia should be with taxpayers and working families in mind,” said McDonald. “From reducing wasteful administrative overhead to regulating state agencies, tax dollars should be used ethically and efficiently.”

In recent years, the committee has begun considering policies that aim to clarify the ethical use of data, social media, and other emerging technologies in elections and state government.

“Technology outpacing laws isn’t a new frontier,” said McDonald. In 2007, Washington state became the first in the nation to prohibit texting while driving – McDonald was the primary sponsor of the bill.

“Regardless of technology, the foundation of our democracy remains the same – an open government that is accountable to the people. I look forward to upholding these values while serving on the House State Government Committee.”

McDonald also serves on two other House committees – Rules and Technology and Economic Development.

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