Rep. Joyce McDonald bill could restrict high-risk sex offenders from college campuses

Legislator: Rep. Joyce McDonald
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A House committee could decide whether high-risk sex offenders taking college courses can stay on Washington’s community college campuses alongside Running Start students. Rachel Case reports.

CASE: Puyallup Representative Joyce McDonald proposed a bill that would protect minor-age community college students from Level Three sex offenders. The measure could potentially prohibit these offenders from registering for courses with enrolled minors and restrict their access to various campus facilities.

MCDONALD: “This is about protecting young students. It is not about giving sex offenders the right and the ability to use our campuses as places where they can find more victims.”

CASE: Representative McDonald believes the community colleges’ first priority should be to keep their students safe. Sex offenders could still take online courses. A public hearing was held on the bill in the House Committee on Higher Education and awaits further decision.

In Olympia…I’m Rachel Case


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